The Vision for Wilton Park

Inland Homes’ objective is to create a truly outstanding exemplar development for Beaconsfield which delivers for existing local residents as well as those who will live in a new Wilton Park. Our planning application therefore seeks to deliver a total of 350 homes supported by new community and sports facilities and a new public park.

Crucially, the plans also support the delivery of the final part of the A355 Relief Road, joining the northern section currently under construction by Buckinghamshire County Council and our existing road to Wilton Park from the Pyebush Roundabout. It will bring a welcome boost to the local economy, helping to support local businesses and jobs in Beaconsfield.

Planning Context

Wilton Park is defined by South Bucks District Council’s (SBDC) 2011 Core Strategy as a ‘Major Developed Site’ in the Green Belt and, alongside the Mill Lane site in Taplow, it is one of two ‘Opportunity Sites’ in the District.


It is therefore recognised as a site offering an exciting opportunity for a mixed use development with community facilities and open space alongside much needed new homes.

Inland Homes worked with the local Council and the wider community to prepare a Development Brief for the site. This Brief acts as a ‘stepping stone’ between the broad policy framework and the detailed work required to support a future planning application.


Following extensive consultation with local people, a Development Brief for Wilton Park was formally adopted by SBDC in March 2015.

Aerial View - The Site

Wilton Park and ‘East of Beaconsfield’

Green Belt is a sensitive issue and is one which must be dealt with carefully. However, it is important to stress the difference between Wilton Park and the Council’s emerging Joint Local Plan proposals for land ‘East of Beaconsfield’.


Wilton Park is a Major Developed Site in the Green Belt, with a significant number of existing buildings on the site, including the tower block. In accordance with national and local planning policy, Wilton Park can be redeveloped without the need for any changes to the local Green Belt boundary.

In contrast, much of the rest of the land included within the Council’s emerging Joint Local Plan proposals for East of Beaconsfield is greenfield, Green Belt land. This land can only be developed if it is removed from the Green Belt via the Joint Local Plan process.