Changes to the Outline Planning Application

The principles of the scheme remain as submitted in September 2017, with 304 new homes, a public park and cafe, new children’s nursery, new permanent sports pitches and changing facilities, and new employment space, all within a parkland setting.


In January 2019, Inland Homes submitted a number of revised and additional documents and plans to the Council.  These make some changes to the scheme, and provide further supporting justification:

An updated Planning Statement, which outlines the changes made to the scheme and summarises the scheme benefits (Section 7 of the Planning Statement); responds to the original comments received on the outline planning application back in late 2017 (see summary Table 3 in the Planning Statement); and provides commentary on the new National Planning Policy Framework (Section 4 of the Planning Statement).

A new Affordable Housing Statement and at Appendix 1, a revised Financial Viability Assessment. The Financial Viability Assessment uses a number of inputs proposed by the District Council, and concludes that there is a £9.1m surplus available to spend on affordable housing delivery. Inland Homes have proposed to use this surplus to deliver 79 new affordable homes at Wilton Park – 67 for shared ownership and 12 at affordable rents.

Updated Application Plans, with the main change being that the development area at the far eastern end of the scheme has been ‘pulled-in’ to address concerns raised in relation to the impact of proposed development on Wheatsheaf Farm (heritage asset) and the openness of the Green Belt (see Illustrative Masterplan – 5599/02A). The Plans also now show temporary football pitch provision for Beaconsfield Youth Football Club during the construction phase. The Design Code, Design and Access Statement and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment have been updated to address consequential changes.

An Appropriate Assessment, which concludes that no adverse effects on the integrity of the Burnham Beeches Special Area of Conservation will occur as a result of the proposed development at Wilton Park, either alone or in-combination with other plans and projects.

Additional technical work, statements and plans in support of the originally submitted Transport Assessment. The briefing below outlines the latest position on delivery of the Relief Road and proposed works at the London End roundabout.

In line with the Development Brief, our original planning application sought to deliver:

350 much needed new homes for Beaconsfield, including homes for families, young professionals and downsizers.

A new high-quality public park, including children’s play facilities, cafe and a trim trail

A new home for the Air Training Corps, replacing their ageing current facility

A modern facility for First Place Nursery fit for future generations

Permanent sports pitches and changing facilities

£3.4m contribution to local education facilities.