Welcome to Wilton Park

Since acquiring Wilton Park from the Ministry of Defence in 2014, Inland Homes worked closely with residents and the Council to first agree a Development Brief ‘blueprint’ before drawing up detailed plans for Wilton Park.

Since our outline planning application was submitted in September 2017, our plans have been the subject of a healthy debate. It’s important that developers explain how they will benefit the existing local community.


Our proposals, submitted in 2017, sought to deliver much needed new homes and a new high quality public park, alongside a new home for the Air Training Corps and a new ‘fi t for purpose’ space for First Place Nurseries.

We have listened to what local people said about our initial Wilton Park plans and we have now submitted a range of enhancements to the scheme that respond directly to this feedback from the local community.

These changes, deliver additional benefits to the local community and include:

Interim facilities for Beaconsfield Town’s youth football team prior to moving to new permanent facilities at Wilton Park

The completion of the A355 Relief Road’s ‘missing link’

Provision of 30% affordable housing

It is the biggest housing project in South Bucks for many years and we want to get it right. We believe that the scheme delivers compelling benefits for both the existing local community and residents at a new Wilton Park